Louisiana Rehabilitation Services

On 5/6/2016, Dr. Creveling spoke to the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) vocational counselors at their Regional Meeting to discuss the impact of anxiety in a work environment and its relationship with ADHD, as well as evidence-based interventions and work-related accommodations.

Call/email to have Dr. Creveling speak to your adult employees and/or college students.

Everyday Signs and Misdiagnosis of ADHD

Everyday Signs and Misdiagnosis of ADHD “The Role of Executive Function Challenges”: Dr. Creveling provided in-service training to school staff on 10/16/2015 and to parents in a public forum on 3/16/2016 at Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans. Would your students or faculty benefit from understanding the role of executive functioning in ADHD and other learning disabilities?